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Remember To Tip When You Use The Shuttle At Your Auto Repair Garage

When you take your vehicle to your local automotive garage for some repair work, there's a better way to get back home or get to work than having a friend or family member pick you up. While you might like relying on the help of someone you know, it can be difficult to estimate exactly how long you'll be at the garage, and you don't want to leave the person waiting. Instead, the simplest solution is to arrange your ride with the garage's courtesy shuttle. Many garages feature this perk, which gives customers the ability to ride where they need to go at no charge. Even though this method of transportation is free, it's polite to tip. Here's how to approach doing so.

Ask About Tipping At The Courtesy Desk

It's always a good idea to confirm that the shuttle driver is able to accept tips from customers, and you can get this information by asking at the courtesy desk when you arrange your transportation from the garage to your desired location. Confirming this important detail ahead of time not only ensures that you can get some cash ready for tipping, but helps you avoid making an etiquette mistake if the garage has a rule that prevents shuttle drivers from accepting tips.

Plan To Tip A Buck Or Two

Although you'll want to evaluate a few factors to help you decide exactly how much to tip, the general consensus is that giving your driver $1 or $2 is sufficient. It's worthwhile to think about tipping more if the driver helps you load and unload any items. For example, if you were grocery shopping and had a trunk full of shopping bags when your vehicle broke down, you might wish to tip more if the driver helped you load all the bags into the shuttle and then unload them upon reaching your home.

Consider These Influencing Factors

You can certainly take the initiative to tip above the suggested range if you feel that the shuttle driver has exceeded your expectations. For example, if the driver made a quick stop for you on the way home – perhaps you needed to drop some clothing off at the cleaners and would be inconvenienced to run this errand with your personal vehicle being repaired – you can tip extra for this courtesy. Some shuttle riders also tip more if their driver is friendly or gets them to their destination quickly but in a safe manner.

Consider this information the next time you find yourself at a North York auto shop.