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3 Simple Ways To Lift Your Truck For Less

Truck owners are always on the lookout for ways to improve both the appearance and performance of their vehicles. For many drivers, adding a lift kit to their truck can be a great way to give their vehicle a more aggressive appearance. Unfortunately, a full lift kit can be costly.

If you want to add some height to your truck without the expense of investing in a full lift kit, here are three simple ways to lift your truck for less.

1. Install aftermarket torsion keys.

Your truck's suspension system comes equipped with a torsion bar that helps to control the distribution of weight as you drive over bumps in the road. Torsion keys are designed to either increase or decrease the load requirement placed on the torsion bar, which has the effect of raising or lowering your vehicle. Installing aftermarket torsion keys will allow you to gain some height without having to invest in a full lift kit.

While adjusting stock torsion keys can be dangerous and alter the smoothness of your truck's ride, aftermarket parts are designed to withstand the changes a torsion adjustment can have on your suspension system and maintain your truck's safety and comfort.

2. Install a leveling kit.

One of the easiest ways to make your truck appear taller is by installing a leveling kit. If you look closely at your truck's profile, you will likely notice that your vehicle sits higher in the rear than it does in the front.

Leveling kits are essentially steel spacers that are designed to fit on top of the coil spring struts in your truck's suspension system. The spacers help to raise the profile of the front of your truck, giving it a lifted appearance. 

3. Install a premium lift system.

If you are looking to add 33 inch to 35 inch tires to your truck in order to give it a more aggressive profile, you may be able to accomplish this goal by installing a premium lift system.

Unlike a full lift kit, a premium lift system will not interfere with the factory suspension settings or operation of your vehicle. This allows you to eliminate voided warranties and comfort issues without sacrificing your desire for a taller truck. If you need a reliable and affordable way to increase your truck's tire clearance, then a premium lift system could be your best option.

Finding ways to increase the height of your truck without investing in a full lift kit doesn't have to be impossible. Consider aftermarket torsion keys, leveling kits, or premium lift systems to lift your truck for less in the future.