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What Can You Do To Get Your Car Ready For Your Summer Road Trip?

If you're planning a summer road trip this year, now is the time to get your car ready--especially if you're traveling somewhere warm. Summers may not be hot in Vancouver, but in many other parts of the country, summer can be a time of high humidity and hot temperatures. Prepping your car for a long drive through summer sun and heat can help ensure that your road trip will be fun and enjoyable.

Test the Air Conditioner

Vancouver has a very mild climate, so you may not use your air conditioner much when driving around town. This is all the more reason to be sure that your air conditioner is actually working before you go on your road trip. Test your air conditioner by turning it on and letting it blow for several minutes. Try to do this on a warmer day, so you can be sure that the air you're feeling is climate-controlled air from your A/C, and not simply chilly air blowing from your vent. If your air conditioner doesn't seem to be working well, have a mechanic take a look well before going on your trip.

Change Wiper Blades

This part of Canada gets the majority of its rainfall in late fall and throughout the winter, which means that your windshield wipers may have taken a beating over the last several months. Inspect your wipers for cracks in the rubber and other problems that can negatively impact your wiper's performance. Failure to replace old, damaged wipers before your trip could make it difficult to navigate during your upcoming trip, which could lead to accidents and other mishaps.

Check Coolant

Having adequate coolant levels will be important if you're going somewhere warm. You can check your car's coolant by inspecting the coolant reservoir, located just to the side of the radiator. Unscrew the plastic cap to look inside the reservoir. If the color of the coolant is cloudy, or if there seems to be a film on top of the coolant, take your car in for auto repair service. If the coolant appears to be clear but still needs to be topped off, add pre-diluted coolant to the plastic container until it reaches the fill line.

Before you leave on your trip, it's also a good idea to take your car to your mechanic for a regular tune up and oil check. This will ensure that your car is ready to go and safe to drive long distances. For more information about ways that you can prep your car for your upcoming trip, talk to a mechanic like 1202 Mechanical today.