Exploring The Benefits Of Flushing Your Radiator

The cooling system in your vehicle naturally collects trash, rust, and/or sediment over time. So flushing out your radiator should be a part of the preventative maintenance on your vehicle.  As an automobile owner, there are a lot of ways you can benefit from flushing your vehicle's radiator Flushing Your Radiator: Why and How Often There is not a set rule on how often your cooling system should be flushed, but vehicle manufacturer's usually have a recommended timeline for flushing your radiator. [Read More]

Remember To Tip When You Use The Shuttle At Your Auto Repair Garage

When you take your vehicle to your local automotive garage for some repair work, there's a better way to get back home or get to work than having a friend or family member pick you up. While you might like relying on the help of someone you know, it can be difficult to estimate exactly how long you'll be at the garage, and you don't want to leave the person waiting. [Read More]